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For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

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4th Sunday Prayer Meeting

June 23, 2024 @ 5pm

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FAQ: A Guide to Recent Changes in UMC Legislation

What did the passage of Consent Calendar A05 do?
On May 1, 2024, General Conference delegates from around the world voted to adopt 22 pieces of legislation via
Consent Calendar A05 with 93% in favor (692-51). The petition for “Building a Fully Inclusive Church” was among
the legislation that was passed. This petition lifted the UMC’s 40-year ban on ordaining “self-avowed practicing
Also, with the adoption of Consent Calendar A05, superintendents will no longer penalize or refrain clergy or
churches from holding same-gender weddings.
Will The Book of Discipline change?
While the core of our doctrine – what makes us United Methodists – will remain the same, The Book of Discipline
will be updated to reflect the changes in legislation voted on during General Conference including elimination of
the language that prevents LGBTQ+ clergy from being ordained and elimination of the language that prohibits UMC
clergy from performing same-gender weddings.
Will my church be required to have a gay/lesbian pastor?
The bishop, in consultation with the Cabinet, will continue to work with churches and clergy to ensure we have the
best match possible when making appointments. Part of this work includes review of clergy and church profiles
and working with District Superintendents to determine fruitful appointments. Our goal is to have vital, thriving
churches throughout The Florida Conference committed to mission in your local contexts and fully equipped to
make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
As clergy, will I be required to perform same-gender weddings?
No, clergy will not be required nor prohibited from performing same gender weddings. Pastors have always decided
who they will marry in The United Methodist Church, and this will not change.
Will my church be required to host same-gender weddings?
Your church will decide what weddings are held on church property. Clergy should be in a consultive process with
church leaders if hosting a same-gender wedding could bring division within the congregation.
As a congregation that is more traditional in its views on these matters, do we still have a place in The Florida
We acknowledge that our views differ regarding same-gender marriage and the ordination of openly gay persons.
We believe that unity in the body of Christ, along with agreements on our essential beliefs in the Articles of Faith
and Confession of Faith, we can disagree on these matters without further division. We believe that our shared love
of Christ and each other enables us to remain in community even when our practices vary regarding same-gender
marriage and the acceptance of openly gay clergy. All persons in our various contexts are to be respected and
cared for in The Florida Conference.
What changes have been made to the Social Principles regarding human sexuality?
On May 2, 2024, the General Conference delegates voted to remove language in the UMC’s Social Principles which
states that “the practice of homosexuality…is incompatible with Christian teaching.” Delegates also affirmed
“marriage as a scared, lifelong covenant that brings two people of faith (adult man and adult woman of consenting
age or two adult persons of consenting age) into a union of one another and into deeper relationship with God and
the religious community.”
This vote removes what has been called the “incompatibility language” in our Social Principles, allowing for more
inclusion. It is important to note that the Social Principles are not considered church law but instead provide a
shared expression of the United Methodist social witness. The new Revised Social Principles will go into effect on
January 1, 2025.

Latest Message

"A Father's Day Sermon"

Luke 15:11-32

James Howes

June 16, 2024



Wednesday Night Bible Study

starting on September 27 ,2023

We will be studying The Book of Job

The book of Job concerns itself with the question of faith in a sovereign God. Can God be trusted? Is he good and just in his rule of the world? The book shows that the reasons for human suffering often remain a secret to human beings.

In the book of Job, God seems both too close and too far away. On the one hand, Job complains that God is watching him every moment so that he cannot even swallow his spit (7:19). On the other hand, Job finds God elusive (9:11). Though God is greatly concerned about humans, he does not always answer their most agonizing questions.

At the same time, Job’s friends offer no real help. They come to “comfort” him (2:11), but Job ends up declaring them “miserable comforters” who would console him “with empty nothings” (21:34). These friends represent an oversimplified view of faith. They think that all human troubles are divine punishments for wrongdoing. Their “comfort” consists largely of urging Job to identify his sin and repent of it. These friends are negative examples of how to comfort those who are suffering.

The book illustrates that one does not need to fully understand God’s will in order to be faithful while suffering. Those who suffer need not be afraid to express to God their confusion and questions.

 To join us on Wednesday nights, just click the button above that says, Wednesday.

Verse Of The Week

  Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.”


Our Mission & Vision

At McCall’s Chapel our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

We hold true to the scriptural words of wisdom shared in Acts 20:28, which proclaims:

Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.”

Our Services

Every week we offer Sunday School at 10:00am. At 11:00am we offer a traditional worship style service. We sing traditional hymns with a children’s moment, prayers, and enjoy special music by our choir.  We offer communion on the first Sunday of each month as well as baptisms.

As one of only two Sacraments recognized by the United Methodist Church, we have provided this life-changing opportunity  to 19 individuals in the past six years. Our Baptisms begin with a blessing with water from the same river in which Jesus was Baptized, the Jordan River. We then completely immerse the individual in the Suwannee River as the congregation sings “Amazing Grace” from the hill side next to the river. We typically conclude with a grand dinner-on-the-river where the person just Baptized is the special guest of honor.

Our Wednesday Night Bible Study starts at 6:30pm.

About Us

Welcome to McCall’s Chapel United Methodist Church where we humbly claim to be a “Warm-Hearted Church with a Heart-Warming Message.”

For over a hundred years (est. 1913), our neighbors, living near the historic Suwannee River, have gathered under our great oak trees and opened the doors of this small country church to welcome all who wish to join in the enriching experience of praising our Lord and Savior.


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