About McCall's Chapel UMC

Established 1913

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
Matthew 18:20

Warm-Hearted Church With A Heart-Warming Message

For over a hundred years (est. 1913), our neighbors, living near the historic Suwannee River, have gathered under our great oak trees and opened the doors of this small country church to welcome all who wish to join in the enriching experience of praising our Lord and Savior.

We are a diverse group of Spirit-filled Christians who have the love of Jesus in our hearts and are motivated into action by the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit who dwells within us.

Do you wish to explore the timeless questions of “where you came from, why you are here, how you should treat others, and where you are going”? If so, we invite you to join us as we search the Scriptures of the Holy Bible for answers to the life-defining questions regarding our origin, our purpose, our moral responsibilities, and our destiny.

If you are one who is merely curious about God or perhaps one who is a seasoned biblical scholar, by joining us you become a blessing who enriches others with your questions, your experiences, and your vision. We hope to see you soon as we explore our God-given purpose in this gift of life.

With Him, All Things…

McCall’s Chapel UMC Mission Statement

“The mission of McCall’s Chapel United Methodist Church is to be a grace-filled family of Jesus’ followers, where people intentionally grow spiritually and put God’s love into action in our church, our community and our world.”

McCall’s Chapel UMC Vision Statement

We hold true to the words of wisdom shared in Acts 20:28, which reads: “Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.”


In July of 1913, a faithful group of men and women held a tent revival on 4 acres of land donated by C.A. Howell, a local turpentine farmer and founding member. The Reverend F.P. McCall preached, and services have been held here ever since. It took 13 months for the first building to be completed, and it stood as a constant place of worship until the brick building that we now use replaced it in 1952. Over the years, new additions and buildings have been added to reflect our growth.

In 1989, the need for more land and a new parsonage led to the launching of the “Candy Parsonage Program.” Using a simple recipe and a lot of peanuts, the first batch of peanut brittle was made. After only 10 months, enough peanut brittle was sold to purchase more land and the parsonage that we have today. Thirty years later, you can still buy “McCall’s Chapel Peanut Brittle” from local stores and restaurants. For 107 years, this church has been ministering to the needs of this community. With God’s blessings, we continue on.

“McCall’s Chapel is a family of good-hearted folks who share in our desire for a better understanding of our Lord and Savior. Together, we have a great thirst for the “living water” that Jesus offers as we strive together to become more Christ-like. The truth is, I view my role in this beautiful old church as a fellow participant in this spiritual journey, alongside of everyone else, as we grow in the Lord together by offering our hearts, our souls, our very existence to be used to glorify the Holy name of Jesus.”

… Former Pastor David Rogers

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Our Pastor: Pastor James Howes

Our Pastor: Pastor James Howes



Our Worship Leader: Hardee Myer

Our Worship Leader: Hardee Myer

Hardee has been a member of McCall’s Chapel since boyhood. He began singing with his family in McCalls Chapel as well  as other churches in the area. Hardee plays guitar and has a large vocal range with tones that are both pleasant and sincere for all to enjoy. His influence runs deep in classic country, with ties to gospel, folk, and southern rock. Hardee’s smile alone will tell you how much he enjoys using his gift of singing and playing for the glory of God.  We are blessed to have Hardee as our Worship Leader.

Our Pianist: VACANT

Our Pianist: VACANT




Frequently Asked Questions

What are the beliefs of the United Methodist Church?

United Methodists affirm the faith shared by all Christians, with particular emphasis on God’s grace and on Christian living, putting faith and love into action.

Methodism began because of John Wesley, his brother Charles, and others’ desire to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Together they pursued “holiness of heart and life,” which Wesley described as “universal love filling the heart, and governing the life”. The dual emphasis on both what we believe and how we live, is essential to United Methodism today.

What are the sacraments of the United Methodist Church?

The United Methodist Church recognizes two sacraments, baptism and communion.

These two acts have a special place in the church because Jesus commanded them and participated in them. Baptism marks the beginning of our lifelong journey as disciples of Jesus Christ. Communion nourishes and sustains us on the journey.

Is childcare provided at McCall’s Chapel UMC during worship services?

We believe that all children are a blessing from God, and as such, we feel blessed to have them as part of our services. We have a children’s message as part of our regular service. Children exposed to an adult service are more fully exposed to the Gospel, and the sound of a baby crying or children whispering is a joyful noise unto the Lord.

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